Explore the Fascinating World of Coprolites & Dinosaur Poop

Sharing Our Poo - That's What We Do

George Frandsen started the Poozeum in 2014 to fill the fossilized poop void left by natural history museums and online paleontological resources. He discovered that most natural history museums do not display coprolites or discuss their scientific value. The internet is catching on, but still only has a splattering of decentralized information.

Dubbed the "King of Fossilized Feces" by the Miami Herald, George considers it his doodie to share his world renowned collection with as many people as possible. He does this by sharing coprolite information on the Poozeum website, Poozeum Facebook page, and Poozeum Instagram page. George will also donate specimens to educators and museums, give coprolite presentations, and loan his valuable collection to museums for exhibition.

George is delighted that media outlets from around the world have featured his vast collection of beautiful coprolites in their articles, television programs, and radio shows. This support shows the world how awesome these underserved fossils are and how they provide direct links to prehistoric ecosystems, animal physiology, and behaviors.

A special Poozeum thanks goes out to:

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