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​​This site offers everything you want to know about amazing fossilized poops. Featuring pictures, photos, videos, scientific publications, information, and the latest news about everyone's favorite fossil.   

Coprolites: 100 Portraits of Prehistoric Poops

Coprolites: 100 Pieces of Prehistoric Poops Book

An unsophisticated pictorial masterpiece that beckons the curious mind 

Sharing Our Poo - That's What We Do

dino poop, dinosaur poop, newspaper, dung, poo, coprolite, Poozeum, pooseum, jurasssic, coprolites

A gallery highlighting our focus on coprolite education and community involvement

Duria Antiquior, a More Ancient Dorset

Duria Antiquior, A More Ancient Dorset, coprolite, coprolites, dino poop, dinosaur poop, dung, poo

The first artistic rendering showing prehistoric creatures pooping  

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